Having a Structurally Damaged Sofa? Here’s What to Do with It

Solution for Loose Joints of Sofas or Their Damaged Frames

Underneath the design and appearance of the sofa you own, there is a strong and durable framework supporting its usability. In sofas with a wooden base, there are joints and seams which often become loose with time. Do the joints in your sofa make noise and wobble when you sit on it? With furniture upholstery in Vancouver, you can get these structural damages repaired by professionals. Similarly, if the arm-rest, seat base and even the back support is damaged, experts will get them all repaired at the best rates. So, you can also save money by choosing upholstery repair in place of new sofa purchase.

Add Up Comfort in Sofas with Spring and Padding Replacement

People feel relaxed and comfortable while sitting or lying on the sofas in their places. Under the surface of the appealing fabrics, your sofa has springs and padding added inside. With time, often the soft, cozy, and comfortable touch of the sofa is lost and they need a touch up in terms of padding and spring replacement. A homeowner who just thought of using a sofa in his or her place does not generally know about these aspects. But an upholsterer does and can serve such needs with his expertise in sofa upholstery.

Upholstery for Faded Leather Furniture

What happened to your leather sofa which looks pale and dull now? A deep maroon colour sofa purchased several years ago may start to look auburn with time. Such a faded appearance cannot be reversed unless you call for upholstery experts for an impressive resurfacing or fabric replacement for your sofa.

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